Central Vermont Communications (CVC) was founded in 1978 and has been a trusted supplier of pagers and paging service since the early 1980's. With the creation of Advanced Answering Center (AAC) we entered the answering service business and have been providing custom call center solutions to customers both large and small.

Free SNPP Paging Software

Our free Windows paging software allows anyone on the Internet to quickly send a page to a CVC Paging pager. This windows paging software lets you maintain your own personal list of names and pager numbers, as well as 8 pre-configured messages. Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32/64), or 2008 (32/64).

New Improved SNPP paging software. New features include HIPAA compliant encryption, subscriber name search, ability to create and edit groups and message logging capability.

Click here to download version 3.10.

Note: If you are behind a firewall, it must allow outbound traffic on port 444 to use this software.

Contacts Conversion Utility

Utility to import SNPP client version 2.x contact information into the version 3.x format. Copy this program and your names.txt file from version 2.x into the same folder as the version 3.x client, and close the SNPP client, then run this utility to convert your contacts.

Click here to download the conversion utility.